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I recently got a samsung LCD smart tv (series 6) for work. One of the reasons for the purchase was so that we could record meetings and so after a little research I found out you have to buy a separate tv webcam with integrated microphones (ordinary webcams won't work). I have now ordered the webcam and am waiting for delivery. My question is how will I be able to record the video and audio from the camera and save it on to my pc/network?Can anyone share me link for the samsung brand explainer video please?
If the camera was on the pc there would be various ways to do this but how do I do it from the tv? Is there a Samsung tv app which would allow me to record the video -this would be the simplest,cleanest and not to say cheapest option?
Alternatively is there a way of doing this on the Samsung Skype app (for example on the pc you can download apps or plugins which allow you to record a Skype call). I don't want to recordl an actual Skype call (although this would also be useful) I just want to record what the webcam sees and hears (I.e the meeting room in our office)
I have also seen the Hauppage HD pvr, could this work and if so how? To be clear I just want to record the audio and video going into the webcam. 

Thanks for your help in advance

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